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Looking for franchisees and/or joint venture partners in Southeast Asia?

Operators-as-a-Service division pairs Investors with local Operators-Entrepreneurs to realize business projects in the regional markets, and provides Board Chairmanship and Strategy Roadmapping to steer business outcomes and successful exits over a horizon of 3-5 years.


Our team of experienced consultants works closely with clients to identify project needs, define scope and budget, develop project plans, and implement solutions that meet specific requirements. We provide end-to-end project management services, from planning to execution and post-project evaluation, to ensure successful project completion.


Our expertise in various industries allows us to provide customized consulting solutions that address specific challenges and opportunities. Whether you need assistance with project planning, risk management, process improvement, or any other aspect of project management, Simple Group is here to help.

market research

Market research holds immense significance in the realm of business, serving as a vital tool for businesses to understand their target market and make informed decisions. It plays a pivotal role in identifying customers' needs, preferences, and expectations, thus enabling businesses to tailor their products or services accordingly. Simple Group covers market research over the various countries in Southeast Asia, so that our clients can gain valuable insights into their competitors, industry trends, and emerging market segments. This knowledge empowers businesses to develop effective marketing strategies, refine their product offerings, and identify new opportunities for growth.




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