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In the era of advancing health awareness, witness the transformation of the nutrition, organic, and healthy food markets at the 23rd China International Expo. With the market projected to exceed 1.5 trillion yuan by 2025, it's the opportune moment to showcase your brand!

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The Chinese nutrition and supplement market is exploding! It's expected to reach a staggering US$40 billion by 2023, fueled by a remarkable 14% annual growth rate


China's agricultural sector is primed for harvest! The market is projected to surge to a colossal US$1,682 billion by 2028. 


China's healthcare industry is a giant awakening! This US$1.5 trillion behemoth is anticipated to grow by a staggering 10% annually until 2027



With the continuous improvement of national health awareness, residents' consumption concept is shifting from focus on treating diseases to a focus on health. The transformation of the health center will provide a strong impetus for the development of the nutrition, organic, and healthy food markets. In the future, China's 80/90 generation will be the main consumer force and the elderly population will exceed 250 million. It will unleash a huge demand for healthy, organic, and healthy food consumption.


According to data, the scale of healthy food in China in 2020 is approximately 957.565 billion yuan, expected to exceed 1.5 trillion yuan by 2025. In the "Healthy China" strategy and driven by the sustained recovery of the national economy, China's nutrition, organic, and healthy foods will become considerable potential market. Creating brand image, set up consumer scenarios, and exploring the needs of segmented groups will become the important part of enterprises to catch the market opportunities.


  • China Chamber of Commerce of Import & Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce & Animal By-Products (CFNA)

  • China National Health Association

  • International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)

  • Guangdong Organic Agriculture Association

  • Guangdong Institute of Food Science and Technology (GDIFST)

  • Guangdong Food Circulation Association

  • Guangdong Healthcare Industry Association


Guangzhou Yi Fan Exhibition Co., Ltd

Simple Group

Why Exhibit?

  • The exhibition platform showcases new technologies and achievements, facilitating in-depth on-site discussions and negotiations, helping enterprises discover untapped market opportunities.

  • 3-day exhibition and 365 day uninterrupted promotion. Dozens of professional media outlets extensively covered the exhibition. Utilizing a mix of online and offline marketing strategies, the association effectively promoted exhibition details and updates through various channels. Many free publicity channels and value-added services to maximize exhibitors' brand exposure and Exhibition revenue.

  • The exhibition focuses on fostering a future of technology-oriented and innovation-driven industry growth. Supporting industry brand event, each exhibition will carry out wonderful simultaneous activities with high industry participation, great influence and rich pragmatism, sort out industry development problems and look forward to industry development trends.

  • Tailoring to specific needs, we conduct personalized invitations and targeted business matchmaking for buyers with procurement plans, ensuring effective pre-exhibition communication and enhancing on-site efficiency and success.

2023 Facts and Figures


Renowned Brands


Exhibitors Testimonial


"Meiga Health base in HK, and the products are 100% made in Canada. This time we bring our star products Ensonkan brand, NMN+PQQ and Vegan Collagen. The exhibition has achieved our expectations and we will participate every year."

—Mrs. Congmei Luo, Founder & Executive Director, MEIGA HEALTH HOLDINGS LIMITED.

"It’s very happy to exhibit in the IHE 2023 with our brand ProGsterol, it was designed for pre-diabetes and type II diabetes care. IHE is typical health expo in China, it’s an important plat for us to show"

—Mr. CHUNG YONG JI, CEO of Caregen Co., Ltd.

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VIP Buyer Groups

  • Guangdong Food Circulation Association

  • Guangdong E-Commerce Industry Association

  • Shenzhen Food Industry Association

  • Guangxi Supplier Industry Association

  • Huizhou Food Industry Association

  • Guangdong Cross-border E-Commerce Industry Association

  • Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Industry Association

  • Shunde Medicines & Health Products Association

  • Import Food Hongkong China Chamber of Commerce

  • Guangzhou Food Industry Association

  • Guangzhou Chain Operations Association

  • Global Union

  • Guangdong East Chamber of Commerce of Importers & Exporters

Key Buyers Include

One-to-one business matching with nutrition healthy food distributors, agents, traders and hotels to help you close the deal efficiently. Shops/Retailers/E-commerce/WeChat Business/Franchisees to help you further expand sales channels.


Conference and Special Events

Probiotics and Health Industry Technology Forum

The Probiotics and Health Industry Technology Forum focuses on "Probiotics and Health Industry" and has invited experts and scholars in the field of probiotics, including Professor He Guoqing from Zhejiang University,Professor Wu Xiyang from Jinan University, Professor Li Li from South China University of Technology, and Professor Fang Xiang from South China Agricultural University. They have shared the cutting-edge research achievements in the field of probiotics, analyze the challenges in industry development, and summarize the future trends of the industry.


High Oleic Acid Oil Quality and Nutrition Seminar

Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid. It can not only reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, but also has better antioxidant stability compared with polyunsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, it is called "safe fatty acid". In recent years, the sales volume of various kinds of high oleic acid oil products in the oil market has been increasing, which has attracted extensive attention in the industry. In order to further explore the quality and nutritional value of high oleic oil, the high oleic oil quality and nutrition seminar hosted by the oil branch of China Grain and oil society was held at the exhibition site.


China Legal Bird's Nest Market National Policy Presentation

There were more than 201 bird's nest industrial professionals from domestic and overseas to discuss the latest policies and development trends of the legal bird's nest market. Additionally, attendees had a further discussion on how to assure the quality of bird's nest and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.


Exhibit Categories

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China Import and Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou

Address:  No.380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou.


The China (Guangzhou) International Nutrition Healthy Food and Organic Products Expo (CINHOE) has been held in China Import and Export Fair Complex every year, Since the 13rd exhibition in 2013.

Stand Prices and Facilities

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Stand Type/Price

  • Raw space = USD 330/sqm


  • Location close to the entrance/exit or main corridor.

  • Exhibitors bear the cost of booth construction.

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Stand Type/Price

  • Premuim booth with one side open = USD 3,608/9sqm

  • Premuim booth with corner = USD 3,968/9sqm


  • 1 information counter

  • 1 display cabinet

  • 1 round table

  • 4 chairs

  • 1 dustbin Carpet

  • 4 or 6 spotlights

  • 1 electric socket (220V and 500W)

Get your booth now!
Physical or Online?
Is this your first time attending?

Exhibition Inquiry

Contact Person 1: Ms Goh Qiu Yan 
Tel: +65 88031169

Contact Person 2: Ms Ristiana Khafifah
Tel: +6285889402077

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