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The Strategic Role of Business Matching

Business matching is a strategy to achieve sustainable competitiveness.


There are 3 reasons formulated as to why business matching is critical; (Kurniadi, 2021)

BM Session.png
  1. To expand the business network (networking). There are quite a number of domestic entrepreneurs who have difficulty getting the opportunity to expand their business due to limited acquaintances and experience.

  2. To streamline time and costs. At trade shows (expo) business actors are able to save time and money in establishing business partnerships. Business actors can visit potential partners from various foreign business models, countries, and industries in just a few hours and without spending so much money. So far, the obstacle for business actors is the lack of information due to the wide scope of business globally.

  3. To increase knowledge about business and trade trends that exist in the world globally. Because all business actors who are at the business matching exhibition (expo) display their products with various kinds of innovations and creative new ideas. So this is an opportunity for other business actors to innovate through business matching as a comparative means.

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